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Food and Drug Administration is shorted for FDA. FDA represent U.S.FDA sometime. U.S.FDA is international medical treatment examine authority institution, America Congress (federal government) authorize it. It is the highest law enforcement organs which work on food and drug administration specially, the specialized person such as doctor, lawyer, chemist etc constitute in it. Many other countries control their national food safety by finding and receiving the help of FDA.
The silicone material common standard are FDA, LFGB, SGS. The author describe those silicone material standard separately on three articles.   In September 2005, Germany LFGB replaced of LMBG, it is also called food, tobacco and other commodity management program. That is the most important basic law document of the field of food hygiene management in the Germany. The commodity use burdened by food, if it pass the LFGB test, it can be sold in the Germany.
Silicone kitchenware poisonous? The 1 million families are concerned about the problem
Silicone shovel is emerging in recent years, cooking tools, applicable to all non stick pan, enamel pot. Compared with the metal dish shovel shovel, silica gel can be bent, more fit the bottom of the pot, the water resistance and oil resistance, non stick pan, easy cleaning features but also by the majority of cooking enthusiasts, but many people still doubt the silicone products toxic? The characteristics of silica gel High temperature: applicable temperature range -40 to 230 degrees Celsius, can be used in the microwave oven and the oven. Easy to clean: the production of silicone products with silica gel and then rinse clean recovery, also can be cleaned in the dishwasher. Long life: raw material and chemical properties of silica gel is stable, manufactured products, has a longer life than other materials. Soft and comfortable: thanks to the soft silicone material, silicone kitchenware feel comfortable, flexible, no deformation. A variety of color: according to customer needs, the deployment of a different beautiful color. Environmental protection non-toxic: from raw material to finished goods does not produce any toxic and harmful substances. A variety of common categories Silicone mold Silicone cake mold, silicone ice lattice, Fried Eggs silica gel, silica gel silica gel soft chocolate mold: easy demoulding, high temperature, low temperature, deformation characteristics, silicone cake mold design can be arbitrary shape to make their own love and for baking cakes, silicone ice lattice is used to produce ice, iced drinks, silica gel the egg fried Fried Eggs can own love shape, silicone Chocolate Mold, can be used to produce various shapes of chocolate. Tools Silicone spatula, silicone shovel, silicone eggbeater, silicone spoon, silicone brush: using silica gel is stable, durable, plasticity and strong features, making cooking tools, scrapers, shovel can be used for the production of Fresh Fruit Salad, cream cake, silicone eggbeater uniform mixing egg liquid silicone oil painting brush will on food, hair. Vessels The silica gel bowl, silica gel silica gel silica gel plate, bowl, cup, silicone folding bowl, silicone boxes: the use of silicone soft characteristic, not deformation, not broken, made of silica gel bowl, bowl, cups and other food and drinks is an excellent choice. The advantage of silica gel Superior performance with silica gel is non oil products, do not rely on oil resources are now scarce, making the silicone products plastic products have become the same substitute is represent the general trend. At the same time, silicone products can be applied to a lot of plastic products can not be used, such as baby pacifiers, human body organs, very broad application prospects. Have a complete and mature product design, mould making, production, domestic / foreign market supply chain. Foreign trade are exported to the United States, Britain, Germany, Russia, Holland, Spain, Australia, Denmark, Italy, Hungary, Switzerland, Sweden, Hongkong and other countries and regions, has been widely recognized by consumers and praise. Silicone supplies has become a fashion of life beautiful scenery line. Note purchase 1. food grade environmental certification inspection report of products or raw materials, FDA, LFGB certification inspection report. 2. attention should also be selected for their use of the kitchen, use to distinguish between individual. 3. before buying to smell the product with the nose smell, strict silicone kitchenware in the heated cold should not have any smell, wipe no fade phenomenon in the white paper. Silicone kitchenware maintenance The first before use, should be thoroughly washed clean tableware. After each use, please use a soft cloth and neutral detergent, and keep dry. Do not use cleaning ball cleaning equipment with high strength. The above is not toxic introduction of silicone spatula, through the above explanation, we can be assured that the use of silicone kitchenware, silicone kitchenware not only high temperature resistant and easy to clean, non-toxic, is a highly safe kitchen.
Application of silicone particles in TPR modified granulation
Plastic lubricants can be divided into internal lubrication and external lubrication according to their functions in the market at present. However, the common plastic lubricants can only play a single lubrication role.
Application of environmental silicone structural adhesive
Silicone adhesive is a high strength silicone adhesive refined from the main body of silicone gel, defoamer, leveling agent, curing agent and other polymer materials;
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